Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

Belly of the Sea Beast
or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Black Pearl"


Dave – Judge Spontius, apologist for Sezrakan
Ian – Wax the Sunless
Clint – Zobol the Halfling / Bizo the Yeti
Trevor – Memnoch the Shibboleth
Emily – Molly Mckraken the thief

First part of our session was dedicated to some housekeeping items:

1. Spontius & Memnoch decided that the Black Pearl was kept by Memnoch.
2. Memnoch completed his bond with Sezrakan
3. Zobol and Memnoch began construction of a friendly adorable hobbit hole in Albit Valley, Zobol’s home shire. Here, they will conduct chaos experiments on the deadly worms and shadow demon dog goo they’ve collected and bring vile things into the world that were never meant to haunt creation.
4. The pirates of the Gray Galley Gang, Savage Quenn’s old friends (from Tower of the Black Pearl) are down to 5 members: Futon, Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, Corso and Ginsberg.
5. Several strange happenings have been going on in Snakedeep since Memnoch & Spontius returned there, including an army of enraged owlbears attacking.

Against this backdrop, the new members gathered. Molly is Futon’s sometimes-girlfriend and an honorary member of the Gray Galley pirates. Wax the Sunless has been sent by the Voice to find Memnoch the Shibboleth and aid him in his quest, in order to bring a “submersible” into the fold for the Black Mirror and Saint Silverday.

Meanwhile, Memnoch has sought Sezrakan’s help in order to relearn his Rope Mastery spell so that he can take it without taking 2-5 points of damage each time he casts it. (!) The quest he’s been given is to look into the heart of Krimz the Trafficker for this secret.

Upon some questioning, they find that Krimz is a slaver and smuggler and the Gray Galley Gang knows where he hides out in an ship in a remote area. After investigating and finding slave ledgers and some very exotic shell-based currency, on this abandoned ship, they find a strange tube fixed to the bottom of the vessel, leading far down into .. what seems like a belly of a bizarre, gigantic sea-beast.

They struggle to overcome the amphibious Deep Ones that they fight there, and decide to retreat and rest and lick their wounds. (Not only does Wax nearly die, but Memnoch fumbles his Charm spell and falls in deep love with one of the Deep Ones, his heart now scarred by the tragic end of his 6 second love affair that ended with his unnamed amphibious lover being eviscerated by a Yeti…)

Retreating to the nearby coastal village of Schloum, they find themselves “welcomed” by surly web-fingered degenerates. Things go from annoying to bad when a giant spider-crab monster wades out of the deeps to attack them, with Spontius, Memnoch and Wax barely making it back to the ship in time to leave the town. When the sea-spider follows them, Wax defeats it with a Sleep spell.

They take it back to Schloum and have a crab cookout with the townspeople. Then they return to Scherzer’s Folly (Krimz’s ship) and make their way back into the belly-bladder of the Kraken beneath the deeps. Here they find a strange village made up of sea-dwelling types: Nereids, Sea-Elves and more Deep Ones. During a brief exchange with one of the nereids, they find that these Belly-dwellers have been overthrown by Krimz’s one-time allies, the Deep Ones, who have taken over their palace and are planning to do some dark ritual for their masters, the Unknowables.

The adventurers hit on the plan of freeing as many slaves as they can and then disrupting the ritual. Finding the ritual in progress, Wax spellburns and crits his Sleep spell and puts every living thing to sleep within a radius of 500 yards. Only the strange blood/ink demon is unaffected, materializing as Wax tries to wake his companion. A strange combat ensues in which the party can’t harm the demon very much but the demon is safe above the sacrifical pool he’s emerged from, out of the party’s group. After prying out one of the clam-shaped Unknowable’s “pearl”, Memnoch invokes the aid of Sezrakan with spellburn and ends up transporting himself and his comrades (+the prisoner, Krimz) 380 miles away (!) to some safe but perhaps inconvenient location… Just as a rampaging Purple Worm broke through the palace walls to attack the holder of the Pearl…

Session wrap:

1 Luck point for all
1 pending luck point for Memnoch if he completes his quest to re-learn his spell from Krimz.

Well of the Worm

Roll Call:

Adrienne – Ydrick the Dwarf
Jon – Knut the beekeeper Warrior
Clint – Zobol – the Halfling yeti-trainer
Tim – Kotha the Thief
Trevor – Memnoch the Mighty, Servant of Sezrakan


Memnhoch has completed his Patron Bond with Sezrakan with the aid of Spontius.

The adventure began with the remnants of last episode’s gang gathering to consider their options, specifically what to do with the pirates that they had won over in Tower of the Black Pearl. Wanting to equip her new gang with a ship, Kotha was scouting employment opportunities and Zobol needed cash to feed the yeti with lots of raw fresh red meat.

The Elves of the Spire are hiring— specifically the strange Elf-Man-Dwarf triad that presented themselves as the “Ministry of the Ultraviolet Interregnum”. This odd trio hired the group to investigate the disappearance of one Solom Quor, a wizard that had left them to investigate the ancient battle field of HardFought several years back and never been heard from again.

They hired on Ydrick the Dwarf who helped them dodge some swindling horse-traders in Snakedeep; this was convenient as DJ was in a deep funk and relegated to a backup role in guarding horses and making sure ropes were not cut behind them.

They found a ghost town on the plains of Hard-fought where one surviving girl told the story of how the village had been cleaned out by savage worm-monsters; she was able to report that the worms emerged from and returned to a well slightly outside of town. Zobol was lowered down the well and attacked by the warms which turned into a War-worm massacre. Having cleaned out the worm-guards, they made their way down the well and through the lower levels of the worm lair.

Ultimately, after battling worm-possessed zombies and plenty of traps, they emerged from the mucus-slimed caves into an shrine of sorts; here they were attacked by a stunted hunchbacked man as well as the mother-worm he had grown in this underground hell. Desperate combat ensued in which Memnoch perished briefly at the hand of his own rain of frogs and various acid blasts, zombies and feral humans came in waves at the stalwart adventurers. Timely administration of luck points and healing potions barely pulled the party through disaster. Finally, they were able to dispatch the vile worm queen and piece together the fact that Solom Quol had lost his mind in the HardFought plains, turning from a searcher of antiquities into a devotee of the vile wormgoddess.

Looting the laboratory, they returned to the surface to collect their loot for the remains of Solom Quol and to bring the little girl Glyria back to Snakedeep.

BUT ON THE WAY OUT: Zobol and Memnoch grabbed one of the living devil worms and jarred it with half the remnants of the Shadow Hound from Doom of the Savage Kings. It is GROWING. And it wants BLOOD.

Note: Zobol was interested in taking Glyria under his wing as an intern of sorts when she grew up— halfling apprentice?

XP: 21

Treasure: (These are TOTALS – Including the fee for bringing back the remains of Solom Quol)

Scroll of Spider-Climb- anyone can cast, but spell check at -4 due to crabbed writing.
360 gp
203 sp
47 cp
mithral longsword
3 worm-goddess eggs (!)
3 silver spear-tips
5 silver crossbow tips
Books of Solum Quol
Solom’s spell book: Spider Climb, Charm Person, Knock and Phantasm
Drunken Dwarf figurine – worth 50gp for gold or 100 gp to a collector of Dwarven art.

Tower of the Black Pearl!!
or, "How I learned to stop worrying and love Sezrakan"

Roll call:

Trevor- Memnoch the Wizard
Jen – Wump the Halfling
Dave- Judge Spontius, Cleric of Humantar
Tim – Kotha the thief and DJ the Dwarf
Jon – Knut the bee-keeper and Warrior

The party met at a bar, drawn together by a mutual wish to avoid a tavern brawl in the offing between the Snakedeep city watch and the Lowlies, a band of mercenaries. They heard a scream outside the bar and discovered two pirates running from a just-stabbed wizard. Apprehending the pirates (after a Sleep Spell and Rain of Frogs), the party found a map to a mysterious X in the middle of the well-known smuggling islands but could not figure out anything about what they were supposed to find there (both the Cleric and the Wizard fumbled their lore checks!)

Nonetheless, they went on to Ralph’s Rent-a-skiff and proudly checked out the Crustacean Queen, by which they journeyed to the point on the map. Using Second Sight, Judge Spontius determined that the tower housed a priceless black pearl that they might capture if they entered the tower. After dispatching some drunken pirate guards atop the tower, they entered from above.

Within the tower, they found a registry of Lawful heroes but resisted the temptation to play with the strange candles that seemed tied to their lives. They went downstairs and puzzled out the strange magical portals that led to the tower-depths, where they dispatched several more pirates, then learning that the pirates were in the employ of Savage Quenn, a pirate lord who was seeking the Black Pearl as well.

After finding their way through some strange enchanted rooms and deathtraps, they found Quenn and the remaining pirates and struck up an uneasy truce. After a trap sealed the way behind them, Queen and the pirates took over a rope bridge and sought to saw it short after them— but the heroics of Wump the Halfling thwarted the plan and the adventurers gained the sepulcher room of Sezrakan the mighty. (After Quenn was dispatched). Searching the tomb, Sponteus accidentally defiled the body of Sezrakan who commaneded his obeisance upon pain of his wrath. Spontius quit his deity’s service on the spot and took on the bond of Sezrakan.

They found at last the room with the fabled Black Pearl and sent Wump over to get the Pearl from the statue of the dragon— which triggered a giant flood of water, causing them to flee. They managed to escape with the Pearl and 5 pirate prisoners, who gave themselves in fealty to Memnoch and co (especially after seeing what kind of GP the wizard was willing to throw around).

At the prompting of Futon the Pirate (begging for his life) they turned in Quenn’s head for the bounty on the pirate. Other notable loot: Whisker the rapier went to Kotha the thief and Knut picked up enchanted chainmale +1 The Black Pearl was being argued over — use its magical properties or sell it for big money (500gp) ?

Memnoch was determined to have the re-dedicated Spontius do the ceremony of Patron Bond upon him so he could invoke Sezrakan as a patron.

DOOM of the Savage Kings

Roll call:

Clint: Zobol the Halfling & Bizo the Trained Yeti
Tim – DJ Thammercast the Dwarf and Kotha the Thief
Todd – Stringfellow the Cleric and Frances Silvergold the Elf
Mark – Deranzdar the Wizard and Sintra the Warrior

The adventurers came into the village of Hirot where they encountered the villagers leading a young woman to be sacrificed on the ancient standing stones. A phantom hound was terrorizing the village each night and they came to sacrifice to it, by drawing lots in the village. The wizard being very curious about the forces of Chaos, they agree to take her place at the stones and encounter the hound for themselves, in exchange for free wine and food from the village of course.

The party defeats the hound but it shifts away immaterially and drifts to the Northeast. They return to the village to find that they have only delayed the hound’s rampage, not defeated it. They inquire as to the nature of the beast and gather that there is a tomb to the North that has a spear rumored to be able to fix it. In the course of inquiry, they meet the Widow Ymae and she asks one of the party to marry her for the secret of how to slay the hound. The wizard and elf (her visitors) decline this offer.

Adventuring to the tomb, the party recovers the Wolf-Spear after many close calls and several fortunate luck rolls. Leaving with only one casualty, they are attacked by the Jarl’s men who are jealous of their power, but repel them easily. Then they go to confront the hound in his lair. The hound is easily beaten this time, but when Syntra fumbles with the Wolf Spear, it’s dispatched without killing it permanently again. The frustrated party returns to the village and consults Ymae on how to kill it, but she will only give the secret if they agree to marry her. DJ the kickass Dwarf agrees to marry her in order to get the secret and learns that the Wolf Spear must be used to pin the wolf OR her net woven of corpse-hair may be used to bind it.

The party returns to the wolf-lair and this time slays the wolf successfully, but only after Deranzadar is slain. They bring the wolf body back to Hirot and are feasted like heroes. The Dwarf finds the witch already in the arms of her demonically returned husband, but she gifts him with a shirt of golden chainmale.

Notable loot:

Wolf spear: +1 melee weapon / + 1 initiative

Horn – Glows in the presence of poisoned food/drink; 3 times/week grants +4 to Fort save vs. poison; 3 times/month heals d12 per hit die of damage; once and only once it will restore one person to life, but then the horn will be broken.

Buckler +1 – can be used by dual wielder

The Battleaxe that the Elf used to cut down the wolf after it was pinned— becomes a +1 weapon / +2 vs. Chaos.


First hound battle: 4
Water snake battle: 2
Spear trap: 3
Ghouls: 5
Jigsaw column: 3
Jarl’s men: 2
Final hound battle: 3 + 3
XP total:
+ 1 luck point

Frozen In Time!
December 21, 2013

Inaugural adventure for the new DCC Campaign featured Michael Curtis’s FROZEN IN TIME

(Read no further if you wish to play this module!)

Roll Call:

Brandon – Priest of Dyver, God of Metal
Clint – 4 zeroes, including Zorob the halfling animal trainer
Micah – Hilsford the Halfling
Jon – 4 zeroes including the slave and the Elf
Bob – 4 zeroes (brothers) including FLINX the T-REX SLAYER
Bryce – 4 zeroes – Gog, Magog, Throgg and Grog

Condensed highlights for the adventure (Not a play-by-play):

The group started out with an awesome series of oracles cat by the Priest, who rolled the bones and dispensed oracular advice randomly determined from a Ronnie James Dio song.

They were hired to scale the Demon Ice, a glacier that had recently openly opened up and penetrate its secrets.

They figured out quickly that it would be easier to mount the glacier from the surrounding cliffs and lower themselves to the holes in the side. In doing so, they confronted a sabertooth bear and killed it, then spotted the crease that led down into the HQ of the dead time-god.

First highlight was Zorob using his animal-training skills to befriend the injured yeti laying in wait. (And feeding him copious amounts of bear meat).

Smart play : the halfling not being surprised by the Yeti; not falling down the first broken tube.

The team went to the higher levels and found the corpse of the time baron, then ransacked his treasury, facing off with an indignant robot. A long combat ensued, many zeroes were dropped but the party continued to roll well in combat and also in Luck rolls after dying.

Several futuristic weapons were found, but no one could make heads or tails of them.

Next they went to the lower levels, found several strange machines, then blundered into the menagerie of the time baron. Here they fought a mighty ant-man, dropped him, and escaped and then escaped after fighting the owlbear.

They emerged in the Trophy room in which a T-rex was held in stasis, just as the power began to give out in the complex. A desperate fight ensued with the T-rex, culminating in mighty Flinx delivering a savage deathblow.

Note: The dice were hot in the players’ favor today!

The characters made a mad dash to escape via the crease and attain the glacier. Most made it, but the slower PCs— the Priest, carrying the antman carcass, and Throgg, weighed down by armor, did not make it. All the Gog brothers and the Priest were destroyed as the glacier collapsed.

Last, with the aid of halfling luck, Zorob was able to cement his bond with the Bizo the Yeti.. now mighty Zorob can claim the taming of a wolf pup AND a yeti.

12 18 XP was awarded as well as a Luck point for any survivors who continue to adventure on!


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