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Chain of Fools


Aaron – Tursik the Neutral + Hunter the 0 level
Patrick – Nom the Neutral, servant of Ilvedere + “Little Nom”
Jon – Knut the Warrior + William the 0 level
GatorTodd – Dosh the Dwarf, missionary of Rainbow + Yellow the Silvered
Ian – Wax the Sunless + Ewe the slave (Deceased)
Rob – Roche the Master Thief + henchman
Tim – Kotha the Thief & DJ the Dwarf + henchman

The adventure begins with the ransacking of the convention of the Society of Circumspect Indifference, a secret organization dedicated to preserving the balance of Neutrality. Not only where members massacred, but an important map was stolen— the map that shows the way to Mount Desmos, where legend has it a chain actually hangs from the heavens, binding the Earth into place— the chain on which the Right Hand World literally depends! This theft was the design of the Academy of Dark Alchemy, whose chaotic members have long sought to find the chain and shave its metal in order to feed their Chaos magic.

By luck of the draw, fate or what-have-you, Tursik and Nom, two members of the Society stumble into the Three Lions, where Roche & Dosh have recently arrived on a world tour. Negotiations ensue and Roche, Dosh and the assembled members of the Sezrekan Gang all throw in to travel to Desmos as hirelings of Tursik & Nom.

Travel is tedious across the plains, only broken up by hiring some henchmen in the town of BOOGL. (This town is so remote that the zero-level characters are stone-age pregens.)

The city of Dothde, the Dark Elves, was seen at a remove but when it could not be approached by the contingent to seek it out, the party abandoned that hope.

Finally, they came to the village of Hoz at the foot of Mt Desmos. Unbeknownst to the party, the Alchemists had already raided Hoz and killed the villagers before establishing a base here. After they poisoned the party and tried to burn them alive in the only inn building in Hoz, the adventurers fought their way out and defeated the guardsmen. One, negotiating for his freedom, brought them to a girl who had been transmuted entirely into silver. Wax and Kotha both lost their henchmen to the guards here.

The party wasted no time getting up the mountain, triggering one trap that launched spears at them from non-Euclidean space and avoiding another trap by carefully opening sliding doors. They were ambushed by crossbowmen and a bloody battle ensued in which the weakened party barely bested the bowmen. Capturing more guards alive, they learned that the ceremony was going on even at that moment. They hurried to the stairs to attain the upper level and were attacked by a surviving, blinded giant that had been one of the monks at the monastery— only Nom was able to talk him into peaceful friendship.

On the next level, a party of guards and “Bronze Dogs” was encountered and defeated before they party made their way up to the top level, seeing the chain and Grandmaster Egus of the Academy and his golem-like “project”, the living creature of Silver known as “The Silver Saint”. Nom cast a darkness that the Dwarves were able to negotiate and the Saint suddenly went mad, his transformation goading him to destroy the chain, even as Egus tried to destroy the party.

A long combat ensued in which Yellow the Molotov-wielding henchmen was turned to silver, along with Knut’s shield; Wax was transformed via spell burn into a Chaos thief avatar to destroy the Saint; and Tursik finished off the Grandmaster by successfully lifting him off the ground via Ropework and dropping him to his death.

Notable items:

Egus’s spellbook
Ring of the Silver sheen – +1 AC (due to the metallic silver sheen the wearer’s skin gains)
2 high-explosive pellets
1 acid pellet

Total: 15 xp
Neutrals – 2 luck
Chaotics & Lawfuls – 1 luck


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