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Frozen In Time!

December 21, 2013

Inaugural adventure for the new DCC Campaign featured Michael Curtis’s FROZEN IN TIME

(Read no further if you wish to play this module!)

Roll Call:

Brandon – Priest of Dyver, God of Metal
Clint – 4 zeroes, including Zorob the halfling animal trainer
Micah – Hilsford the Halfling
Jon – 4 zeroes including the slave and the Elf
Bob – 4 zeroes (brothers) including FLINX the T-REX SLAYER
Bryce – 4 zeroes – Gog, Magog, Throgg and Grog

Condensed highlights for the adventure (Not a play-by-play):

The group started out with an awesome series of oracles cat by the Priest, who rolled the bones and dispensed oracular advice randomly determined from a Ronnie James Dio song.

They were hired to scale the Demon Ice, a glacier that had recently openly opened up and penetrate its secrets.

They figured out quickly that it would be easier to mount the glacier from the surrounding cliffs and lower themselves to the holes in the side. In doing so, they confronted a sabertooth bear and killed it, then spotted the crease that led down into the HQ of the dead time-god.

First highlight was Zorob using his animal-training skills to befriend the injured yeti laying in wait. (And feeding him copious amounts of bear meat).

Smart play : the halfling not being surprised by the Yeti; not falling down the first broken tube.

The team went to the higher levels and found the corpse of the time baron, then ransacked his treasury, facing off with an indignant robot. A long combat ensued, many zeroes were dropped but the party continued to roll well in combat and also in Luck rolls after dying.

Several futuristic weapons were found, but no one could make heads or tails of them.

Next they went to the lower levels, found several strange machines, then blundered into the menagerie of the time baron. Here they fought a mighty ant-man, dropped him, and escaped and then escaped after fighting the owlbear.

They emerged in the Trophy room in which a T-rex was held in stasis, just as the power began to give out in the complex. A desperate fight ensued with the T-rex, culminating in mighty Flinx delivering a savage deathblow.

Note: The dice were hot in the players’ favor today!

The characters made a mad dash to escape via the crease and attain the glacier. Most made it, but the slower PCs— the Priest, carrying the antman carcass, and Throgg, weighed down by armor, did not make it. All the Gog brothers and the Priest were destroyed as the glacier collapsed.

Last, with the aid of halfling luck, Zorob was able to cement his bond with the Bizo the Yeti.. now mighty Zorob can claim the taming of a wolf pup AND a yeti.

12 18 XP was awarded as well as a Luck point for any survivors who continue to adventure on!


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