Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

Trials of the Toymakers

Roll call:

Trevor – Memnoch the Triboleth
Jon – Knut the Beekeepin’ Badass
Clint – Zobol the Slug-tamer, Bizo the Yeti
Ian – Wax the mage and Absalom the NIghtmare priest (Deceased)
Tim – DJ the Dwarf and Captain Kotha

The adventure starts in the village of Zymetris, where the adventurers have been summoned to examine the poor production of lumber, pelts and wild-rice coming out of this obscure Northern province. (The new Hyperbaron, Memnoch, is hereditary lord of this obscure community - as of last adventure- and needs income to dig out of the 2000 gp debt he also inherited).

While visiting the village, the adventurers hear that the eternal solstice ritual of gifts being delivered to the village children has been disrupted, a scary portent of disorder. Worse yet, three village children are missing, having struck off into the Taboo Lands to seek out the source of the solstice issues. After the gift of the sacred OONTHALO ( a hat made from a stuffed muskrat) to Wax, the adventurers decide to go the Taboo Lands and investigate matters for themselves.

In the lake country, they find a mysterious island and are ambushed by six shrubberies, wisely deciding to canoe the rest of the way to the island. In the island, they quickly discover a lair of dead toy-making gnomes, fighting wooden arachnid-constructs, before finding the missing children and starting to slowly piece together the mystery of what happened to the gnomes.

In short order:
1) They slay a stuffed bear that attacks them.
2) Wax and DJ fall down an elevator shaft, both breaking their right legs...(actually, they died, but their bodies were rolled over and both were found miraculously alive by the virtue of Luck rolls! Between that and the broken limbs, their stats may never be the same…)
3) They journey back down to the lowest level and find a cage full of large moles, trying the exotic delicacy of MOLE MILK for the first time.
4) They go down to the quarry where they encounter a giant slug, which Zobol the animal trainer tames with a nat 20 on the dice…!
5) They explore the fourth level, finding all manner of dead gnomes and various planet-ariums, schematics and other things. Captain Kotha with her maritime skills is able to read the star charts (as well as making a crit (nat20!) on Reading the Gnome language…!

Finally, after an encounter with some gnome ghosts, they ascend to the sacred treasure room and find the golden mill, which must be used to prepare the components of the artifacts to complete the ritual of rescuing the Sun. Now Ydreksas the demon appears to use his envy magic on them! A spell duel ensues, in which Memnoch, Wax and Absalom try to fend him off while Kotha and Knut use the mill.

Memnoch is defeated first, driven into a rage of envy for Zobol’s magical Horn, looking for the hidden halfling. Wax misfires her Invoke Patron just as she is hit by the Envy, both driving her mad with envy of religious types, forcing her to slay the strange but quite useful priest Absalom the cleric. (“Thanks for all the healing.. NoW DIE!!”) Knut subdued DJ the Dwarf, struck with envy of Knut’s superior stamina. By the time all this mayhem had occurred, Kotha had managed to burn through many luck points (also with Zobol’s help) and finally activated the artifact, rescuing the Sun!

The village is saved, and the villagers reluctantly agree to work harder for the glory of Hyperbaron Zemetris. That night in their dreams, in the hut of the village shaman, a vision of SAKANTA, the bear-god comes to them, offering them a great boon for their service in rescuing the Sun… for what will they ask…???

XP: 19
Luck: 1 point of Luck for the Lawful characters.


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