Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

CrawlJammer 2: The Acid Island of the Forbidden Dreamer

Roll call:

Ian – Falina the Cat Person
Gary – Blue Debbie the Psychic Knight (Deceased) / Clubber Lang the Gunner
Mark – Dr. Arthur Nebulon the Technomancer (Deceased) / Warrior
Jon – Senrac the Mutant plant (deceased) / Mynoc the thief
Tim – Kotha the thief (deceased) / Nibbitz the Riftrunner

The adventure started with the crew of the Calico having returned to Chartless, the smugglers’ haven hidden in a moon, built upon the scales of a giant sleeping dragon. The new captain of the Calico, Kotha the Thief, being Lawful, decided to inquire with Keenan Jithers, representative of the Avalon Empire to see if they might continue in the service of privateering for the rebel Empress Margayne.

Jithers has a mission for them— disrupt the schemes of the False Emperor Artur, who has summoned a demon ship from Hellspace; this ship runs on the dreams of the innocent, and coupled with the dreams of a mystic prodigy known as the Forbidden Dreamer, the ship will be the most powerful vessel in the Empire of Avalon. The mission is to get the Dreamer and return him to Jithers, disable this vessel, the Infernal Prize, or otherwise prevent the crew of the Prize from acquiring the Forbidden Dreamer.

The journey is undertaken; as they approach the moon of Morpheus, they see an exotic ship following them, and then hovering in orbit, apparently waiting for Kotha’s crew to the dirty work so they can attack them with the prize on the way out.

The Calico lands, seeing four plinths on an otherwise featurless rocky atoll in an ocean of acid. The plinths are investigated, first revealing an illusionary staircase, then triggering an onslight of crystal robots. The robots put up a good fight, enough trouble that at one point Kotha actually retracts the landing gear from the Calico to tip the ship over on it (destroying it utterly— boss move of the game!)

After the ship was repaired, they descended to the next level, where they found the Forbidden Dreamer, guarded by four red-clad Kung Fu movie style monks, with a serpent curled around the altar on which a young boy lay sleeping. Although Dr. Nebulon charmed two of the monks, the rest slew Kotha and held off the party long enough for the serpent to wake (4 rounds) and then the serpent breathed its electrical dragon breath upon the party, slaying Senrac, Dr. Nebulon and Blue Debbie. Nebbitz ( the Riftrunner who had joined when Kotha fell) barely avoided the breath weapon with his Rift porting powers.

Falina, who had already run away, survived and the acid poured in to the island complex, destroying the Dreamer, and presumably the Dragon (and whatever treasure may have been there, including the open-eye blinking amulets the monk had worn). Falina escapes on the ship but of course the waiting ship finds them and after a brief battle of maneuvers and attempted boarding, the crew of the Infernal Prize (Captain Church, Mr Sprock, Bones Lucroy and two red-shirted guards) boards the Calico. There is a standoff, in which Captain Church orders Mr Sprock to do a “Demonic Mind Melt” with Nebbitz in order to ascertain that the Dreamer is indeed destroyed- dashing their hopes to have the ultimate dream-fuel power source for the Infernal Prize. Demanding a tribute to let the ship pass (perhaps unwilling to risk more with the battle-weary crew of the Calico), Captain Church took his gold and retired to the Infernal Prize, letting the Calico limp back to Chartless.


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