Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

Holiday in the Slaughterlands!

Trevor – Memnoch the Wizard, Lupo the Jester (deceased), Brunhilde the Shield Maiden
Jon C- Knut the Warrior, Lenora the Cleric of Morningstar, Valerius the GraveDigger (deceased), Zelthura the Cobbler (deceased)
Matt F- Thyl the Dwarf, Heccador the Wizard, Tredgar the Urchin (Deceased) Tortha the Halfling Trader (deceased)

We open with the doughty adventurers returning from the Hidden Palace of the Amphibious Autarch, holding the Seven Songs. Before much else can happen, the YETI GOD opens a rift in time and space and whisks away Zobol & BIzo (& Jordek) and they disappear. Memnoch & co. take this in stride.

Before returning the Seven Songs (mithril plates) to Szymandia, they decided to research more. Gristof the swamp-sage informed them that the Seven Songs are infinitely valuable and have the ability to shift time & space. Then Memnoch had a private conference with Sezrekan, in which he told his servant that the Seven Songs can only be activated by the Elven Meister Singer of Doru, the Spear City.

WTF is the Spear City?? It is a city outside of time and space, living within the anomaly known as THE SPEAR. (See the “Champions of Snakedeep” campaign.)

Finally, Memnoch and Old Chaotic agreed that Dr. S would transport them to the SLAUGHTERLANDS, a reasonably close location to the Spear, and that they would make the remaining journey on foot to the Spear and find Spear City.

To achieve this, they contracted the services of Thyl and Heckador, a Dwarf and Wizard who claimed to be well traveled in the Slaughterlands. (The aforementioned Slaughterlands are an abandoned desert in which ancient wars took place over long-forgotten causes. Haunted by evil spirits, undead and god knows what else, most travelers steer far clear of it.)

Before Senor Elder transported them to the SLAUGHTERLANDS, Memnoch ascended to 4th level and agreed to learn the Shield Maiden spell from the Elder. Then he spellburned and cast the spell- maxing out the spell and summoning Brunhilde the Valkyrie and her winged mount Aragorn to serve him … for life. (Yes, this is the max result on that spell chart… so… yeah.) They also grabbed five zero-level porters to accompany them and haul loot because… you know, SLAUGHTERLANDS.

Arriving in the desolate desert of death and crumbled decay, they are accosted by three half-titans who urge them to give over “the plates” – (The Songs). Turns out these eminences were sent by the Gods of Law who have put Tursen and others in charge of the cities of men, in order to prevent Memnoch (or anyone else) from screwing it all up. Memnoch aced his charm roll and all three half-titans missed their saves. Seeing an abandoned black castle in the distance, the party advanced with their new friends to the Keep and then abandoned them without entering. (Hearing a friendly voice whispering to them from just inside the keep’s main entrance dissuaded the brave adventurers from entering the keep. WHO SAYS VENTRILOQUISM IS A USELESS SPELL? )

Brunhilde had earlier scouted a little by air and seen a strange unnatural pink area by the mountains; Thyl and Heccador knew the Spear is an unnatural strange are, so they hit upon the idea of trying to sneak back through the foothills toward this pink area without being followed by the Half-Titans.

Having ditched their companions, they made their way into the foothills beyond the keep, encountering Moonboys and Moongirls, who picked up and dropped both Heccador and Lenora, but the ensuing falls did not break any bones.

After camping for the night, Thyl complained loudly that he didn’t know about anything about any “plates” and demanded more info and/or more pay from Memnoch, which was not forthcoming.

The next day, they passed through a valley where skeletons were wrapped around stakes with barbed wire. They passed through this area with little event until Lupo the Jester decided to taunt the dead.. and thus the Blood Mummies attacked him. (Blood Mummies = skeletons wrapped in barbed wire instead of bandages).

The Blood Mummies were a challenge but were eventually dispatched. The party came out of the foofthills near the Pink Area to find the un-charmed half-titans waiting for them. Heckador used Monster Summoning to get four skeletons and some random bronze shields (“Plates”) inscribed with Runic Alphabet. Distracting them with the skeletons and the plates, the group bolted for the throbbing PINK AREA.

As they approached, a 30’ long beetle with a human face emerged from the earth, gobbling up Lupo the Jester, and then gouting out a deadly acid attack, dropping Memnoch. This hellish beetle-dragon-god spoke with voice of the listener’s parent— and demanded the BLACK PEARL!

Knut and Brunhilde attacked the Beetle-God while Memnoch got (yet another) lucky spellcheck and when the Beetle God missed BOTH its saves by 1, it was stunned unconscious by Memnoch’s Color Spray. They hacked at the thing for one round before running off into the PINK AREA and Knut entered bravely and disappeared into the rippling wall. All of them entered the strange unnatural area and disappeared, not before Lenora was “scanned” with a strange violet light by a weird insect clinging to the cliff wall.

Thus endeth the adventure, to be resumed within the SPEAR sometime in 2017…

XP: 13
Luck: +1


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