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Jewels of the Carnifex, Part 1

Roll call:

Knut the Warrior, Lorena the Cleric of Starburst – Jon C
DJ the Dwarf and Four dead zero torchbearers – Scabby Mike, Tiny, Big Val and Seth- Tim
Wax the Sunless, Stodge the Halfling & Ib the Sanguine (Wizard) – Ian
Kurt Kangle, Cleric of Amun Tor, Breezy & Shif Tan – Thieves – Patrick
Bizo the Yeti & Zobol the Halfling – Clint

A random thief named Magmar puked on Wax in the Three Lions and rather than becoming human sacrifice, he offered up a treasure map of priceless worth: the hiding place of the legendary Jewels of the Carnifex. Legend has it that the Carnifex cult was the old death cult of the Swamp People that originally lived in Loch Nwar, before the New Men came- the priests of the new order destroyed the cult, but some say the treasure was never found and is still buried somewhere beneath the city on the Black Lake.

Wax and co gathered an elite (?) group of cut-throats and treasure hunters to delve beneath the city and acquire the Jewels. Using Magmar’s map, they scaled the rope to the outer platform and then fought an acid-dripping spider, dispatching it without much problem.
Using spider-acid to score the lead-filled seals on the door, they gained entry.

In the next room filled with skulls and the spiral staircase, they investigated but chose not to disturb the dead, especially after Second Sight advised Kurt K not to “disturb the rocks”. They made their way to the next room where they dispatched six shadows, er, shades easily enough— although the Kurt Krangle lost some Stamina in the process.

They journeyed on to the next room and examined the three doors. DJ smelled each door for gold and they decided to follow the faint whiffs they got from the wooden door. (Also, Second Sight advised of a “big fight” behind the clay door.) The emaciated ghost-child begged for alms and was given a wafer from the altar in the previous room and he dissipated harmlessly. The party ascended by means of roots and briefly searched the reliquary room before turning to the balcony room where they were ambushed by the strange hunchbacked guards.

After a brief combat where two guards were slain, Wax charmed one of the guards who led them back toward Azazel his leader. The trap was sprung! Azazel’s force ambushed the adventurers and a ferocious combat ensued in which the last of the torchbearers were killed. Wax spellburned to destroy the front rank of guards while Kurt cast Darkness on the rear ranks, helping to hold off the front ranks behind Bizo / Knut / DJ and defeating the vision of the rear force’s javelin attacks.

Just as the battle heated up. As spellburn began to turn the tide against the guardians, Azazel offered to strike a deal and let the adventurers journey into the tomb if they agreed to destroy the Jewels of the Carnifex, destroying the evil goddess that is imprisoned there forever. After some consulting, the party, somewhat depleted, agreed to help him, though some agreed in good faith, while others did not…

Next session to resume there.


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