Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

Keep On the Borderlands part 1

Jon C – Talu the Cleric and Maddis the Halfling
Phil – Krabor the Warrior (Deceased) and Fez the Wizard
Trevor – Supinda the Warrior and Helmut the Dwarf
Noah – Bobby Mann the Thief

Adventure started with the entrance to the Keep. The adventurers, refugees from the madness currently wracking the Realm to the West, entered the Keep in search of adventure. Before entering, they are checked for “Being werewolves”— i.e, the guards look at the amount of bodyhair on their chests (?!?) They are disarmed but are assured they will get their weapons back when they leave. Fez openly declared to be looking for star-charts, since he is an astrologer. Helmut the Dwarf speaks and reads Draconic as there is a family tradition of passing down the “Draconic phrase book” from father to second son.

Fez seeks to patron bond with Azi Dahaka, but fails.

Perhaps most importantly, the PCs here about a sorcerer-demon known as “Jon-o-Fire” that wanders the wildlands near the Caves.

Supinda the Warrior also uses her healing skill to treat some men in the infirmary, winning the trust of Captain Bolder. One of the injured men tells her he left his comrades Gary, Scott and Tom in the Caves of Chaos.. he asks her to get their remains and put them to rest if she journeys there.

Finding their way to the Tavern, they harvest some rumors and Bobby picks the pockets of Argolanth, the Elf advisor to the Castellan. He not only picks on GP from the Elf, but then takes his jeweled dagger, just for fun, and returns it to him. Argolanth, non-plussed, advises him that future thievery may result in loss of hands.

The next morning, the adventurers ride out to earn a bounty by gathering heads from the Caves, with the secondary idea of recovering the bodies as mentioned. Having received a tip on which cave Gary et al might still be in, they find the Caves and enter that cave mouth first. Ulitmately, they are ambushed by Pig-men and repel them after losing Krabor the Warrior. They press the advantage and slay the Pig-Men reinforcements, and then find the chieftain, slaying his bodyguards and capturing him with a magical slumber.

They take Alan the Pig-Man prisoner (his comrade is sacrificed by Talu.. to Cthulhu). Alan informs them that Jon-O-Fire is real and visits the Caves periodically. He has branded all of the denizens and the runic brand that they bear is what binds them to the caves.

After pillaging the chieftain’s treasure and interrogating their one prisoner (Alan the Pig-Man), they decide to go back to town, but not before seeking to parley with the Pig-Men in the next caves. After shouting in the caves to parley and getting no response, the adventurers enter the caves and are caught in a net. The clatter of the net trap alerts the Pig-Men who come rushing and are barely held at bay by Helmut’s last flask of oil (after Bobby frees Helmut from the net.).

The oil burns down and the Pig-Men rush in but amazingly don’t manage to hit (much less kill) one single adventurer before the PCs throw off the net and battle their way out of the Cave.

The PCs return to the Keep without incident. When they take Alan and the Chieftain out of the Caves, they writhe in pain but do not die once they have crossed some invisible line.several hundred yards away from the Caves.

XP earned: 12
Luck point: 1


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