Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

(Playtest): Feast of the Preserver

Roll call:

Brandon- Ark the Elf
Tim – Kronkite the Wizard
Jon – Nara the Cleric of Trigestus
Trevor – Rumpus the Halfling & Herod Ironbreaker the Dwarf

The story opens with the party finding a dead body on a secluded road. They party has been hired to find the raider Jarrod Moguard and bring him in dead or alive. The dead body, showing signs of violence, has a paper inviting people to the Feast of the Preserver in the town of Barrowton, with a little map showing how to arrive there. (The first in character thing in the whole adventure is Ark the Pricker, disturbing Elf, seeing the body and saying “Let’s eat him”).

The party finds the town of Barrowton and find a dusty town full of emaciated people. They are greeted by the town Elder, Lucian who asks them to recover their EndFast Feast, which has been stolen by Jarrod Mogard and his band of cut-throats. They are known to be hiding in a silver mine close by. The party members agree to take up the quest for the promise of a family magic item heirloom (Knowing there is little money to be had here in this town).

On the way to the silver mine, they encounter a madman who keeps saying that “They won’t eat me!” and who pees on the leg of Nara the Cleric. They leave him to his insane devices and venture on.

Finding the silver mine, they investigate the cave of the giant who lives above the mine-entrance, but see no point in combat with him, so they leave him alone and press forward into the mine.

Following outcomes of mine exploration:

  • Party quickly finds a band of ghouls that are trying to get into a barred door. They destroy the ghouls and leave the door (!) to explore some of the rest of the silver mine, find a nearby chasm, a lift to lower levels, etc.
  • They return to the door, break it open and find Felicia the Elf (note, I avoided the name Alexis, for no good reason) surrounded by corpses, both ghoul and non-ghoul, as well as the crates containing the Endfast feast. The Cleric uses his healing power to restore Felicia’s mind and she tells them what has happened in the mine (Jarrod turned ghoul and slew his band before she cut him down).
  • They party looks in the crates and after some investigation, realizes that the Endfast Feast is decayed human meat (!!!) They decide not to return such a disgusting feast to the village, pitching it into the chasm and sacrificing its 100 gp value to Trigestus in order to remove some disapproval.
  • Journeying lower, they eventually kill some more ghouls and find spider-eggs of the Arachnaefiend, the tampering of which summons this dread demon. After a pitched battle with this fiend, which drops three of the party, the Arachnaefiend is Banished back to Hell by Nara, who manages to barely save the party members via magical healing.
  • Finally, they finish off the rest of the ghouls, barely survive a fall from the lift (OUCH!) and decide to return to the village to see what Lucian and the villagers do when presented with crates full of ghoul-parts instead of living human parts.

On the way back to the village, they get lost and find themselves standing in the churchyard outside town. They enter the church where the ghost of Zechariah the Judge, tries to possess Nara, to no avail. Sensing what is happening, the Dwarf Herod throws his soul open and allows himself to be possessed, learning that Lucian is very bad and he slew Zechariah, etc.

Shortly thereafter, they return to the village and when they return with the crates, the villagers appear to get their food. Lucian throws open the crates and finds the ghoul-meat— enraged, he attacks the adventurers and the villagers do likewise. Kronkite is incinerated with a Scorching Ray but the rest of the party is saved when Ark the Pricker invokes the aid of Sezrekan, his patron, and via Spellburn and halfling luck, they party is teleported to a safe place many hundreds of miles away. The evil of the Preserver lives on… at least for now…!


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