Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

The Sea Queen Escapes, Part 1

Roll Call:

Trevor – Memnoch the Triboleth
Jon – Knut the Warrior Beekeeper and Noj the thief
Clint – Zobol the Halfling and Beezo the Yeti Warrior
Tim – DJ Hammerthrax the Dwarf
Gary- Mosley, Cleric of Cthulhu – Neddekar, Cleric of Molotoch- Argus, Cleric of Justicar (Deceased)

The story opened with Memnoch waking to a chanced world (changes due to the events in “Wayfarer of the Winter Calendar” playtest, Oct. 2015.
LochNwar is now under the rule of Tyrson, a half-titan godling jealously guarding his city vs. the schemes of others like him.
The Dwarves Guild has been reinstated.
Szymandia is betrothed to Tyrson in his effort to forge an alliance with Dothde (The Dark Elves)
Memnoch’s majordomo Grex, is an official overseeing the Primary Chamber- dictating the painful, paralyzing customs and bureaucracy that frustrate the whole city.
Memnoch’s new steward Chester seems kind of.. different.
Nara, the girl who came from Shlum, and has been working in the Three Lions, is pregnant.
Wax the Elf was unavailable as he had removed himself to a “Chaos Yoga” retreat.
Loch Nwar, like most of the other major cities of the Right Hand world, were in a constant state of war and covert intrigue with each other, somewhat spurred by the domination of them by the rival godlings that stride the earth like a plague.

Despite a vivid dream and remembrance of how things had been, the dreams began to recede and after a while Memnoch accepted this as the way it was. His associates too were haunted by the same thoughts, but slowly accustomed themselves to thinking differently.

On top of this strangeness, Memnoch was haunted by strange dreams of a Sea Queen who begged him to rescue her from the island of Ait, where she had been imprisoned by the evil wizard Shadinkind. He was surprised to find that her likeness was already in a painting he had never seen before in a remote corridor of the Zymetris mansion. When he gathered Knut, DJ and Zobol (and Beezo) to float the idea of rescuing the Sea Queen, they all revealed that they had encountered similar dreams. The group resolved to seek her out and rescue her, and to be rewarded by the bounty of gold and pearls that her father the Sea King would provide.

As they discuss their plans, they were interrupted by the arrival of three brothers (?)— clerics of Law, Chaos and Neutral, sent by their masters on a competition to see who would survive and rise in the ranks. Also amongst their number was Noj the thief, who accompanied them for more mundane matters. Memnoch was impressed with their spirit of adventure and he instantly decided to befriend (USE THEM) the clerics and bring them along to rescue the Sea Queen.

After voluminous, pain-staking customs and gifts to the customs and gate officials, the party set off for Lake Majestic, where the Island of Ait was said to be. Sailing downriver on a river barge known as the Gleaming Metropolis, they arrived at the town of Thulud, They entered the tavern known as the Crooked Oar, bought a round and started to inquire with the locals. To their horror, the bartender started to itch badly, then peeled off his skin, transforming into a silver skeletal demon attacking them. Combat ensued and Memnoch zoned the Demon with a sleep spell, then prepared to burn him in the street. The terrified locals gathered and started to mob the party, but a deft charm against “Zoltan the Lake Ranger” helped to calm the locals, although they were again even more terrified when the Skeleton demon floated away screaming and afire.

The party decided it was best to seek the wizard immediately and leave Thulud, striking out in Zoltan’s boat Bessie— Shadinkind’s supposed hideout was well known, though the wizard was more of a legend than a well known wizard. Entering his home carefully, the party found a vast cavern filled with floating turtle-shells and navigated it mostly with the help of RopeWork spell cast by Memnoch, though Argus the Cleric died in the process. They were also ambushed by some lamprey-men who threw harpoons at them, but were vanquished in subsequent rooms. From there, they made their way to a pool containing a giant clam, which various hints through out the building seemed to imply had a magic shell-horn. The lagoon in which this clam was visible also had a shark guarding it, but the adventurers were clever (Zobol’s idea!) and used some of the fish of the lamprey men to decoy the shark and get it close enough for Memnoch to neutralize it with a sleep spell.*

With the shark neturalized, and the aid of underwater jelly-fish suits discovered earlier, Beezo, DJ, Knut were able to wrench open the clam jaws and take the shell-horn, and then, after another lamprey-men battle, they stole some eggs and are left the wizard’s hideout. Their intention is to decipher the script on the horn and then proceed to the next stage of using it to rescue the Sea Queen!


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