Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

The Sea Queen Escapes, Part 2

Attending for today:

(For round 2 and 3)

Trevor – Memnoch the Triboleth
Jon – Knut the Warrior Beekeeper and Noj the thief (level 1)
Tim – DJ Hammerthrax the Dwarf, Krups the Dwarf (level 2)
Gary- Mosley, Cleric of Cthulhu – Zeddekar, Cleric of Molotoch (both level 1)
Ian – Wax the Wizard, Stoj the Halfling (lvl 2)

(Only for Round 3)
Clint – Zobol the Halfling and Beezo the Yeti Warrior

We resumed after a 2 day game-time break for the characters to rest and recover. The party was also joined by Wax, who had found the note Memnoch left him at the Three Lions and sailed down the river to meet them in Majestic, following a trail of carnage and angry visitors no doubt.

Having gained the Horn of the Tundines, they made their way out to open water in Lake Majestic and Memnoch blew the horn, summoning the giant sea (swamp) turtle. Since the party seemed a little undersized without Zobol and Bizo, I allowed them to bring another dwarf and halfling. The party explored the turtle hideout and made fairly quick work of the sea anemone monster, the three cursed thief guards, and then rather rashly knocked open the door to the treasure room, triggering the body switching curse, hilarity ensued and there was much cursing of Michael Curtis.

Then joined by Zobol and Bizo, the party made their way to the island prison of the Sea Queen, where they entered, found her magical name (but failed to connect the dots and use it.) They made their way through the living tar golem room, destroyed him, and finally freed the Sea Queen, who fled the prison with them. (Although Memnoch, via his prison-body of Mosley, cast Detect Evil on the Sea Queen and her Handmaidens, each one made her Will save and the party was fooled enough to let them get close up… and attack!)

The ensuing combat was quite dangerous and Team Sea Queen nearly dropped Bizo in the first round— then did succeed in dropping Memnoch & Mosley, but the party was able to quickly heal them with some timely magic item use and clutch Laying on of Hands. Spell checks were made pretty effectively and Rope Use and Sleep actually combined to subdue the Sea Queen, after which the party decided to put her back in her prison, securing it carefully with the key and take the key. (Zobol has the key).

In the aftermath, Boorqual the Sea King met them in Majestic to give them the following boons for the destruction (!) of the Sea Queen. (Interestingly, no one corrected him about the destruction of the Sea Queen)

1. A little red/black sponge that allows them to breathe and function under water for 48 hours (one each)
2 A black pearl (Memnoch grabbed it)
3. A vial of pure magical lake water that removed the curse from their bodies once they were bathed together in it.

(rounds 1 and 3)
Zobol & Bizo:

Wax, Stoj and Krups (Rounds 2 and 3)

Everyone else – all 3 rounds
Total: 25xp


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