Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Minneapolis

Wedding of Szymandia

Memnoch The Shibboleth – Trevor
Knut the Warrior / Beekeeper & Noj the Thief (Deceased)- Jon
Zobol the Halfling & Bizo the Warrior – Clint
Zardoz the Theif – Kevin
Mandadi the Cleric of Amon Tor – Aaron K

(Introducing Zardoz and Mandadi)
The session opened with Zardoz & Mandadi fighting for their lives in the VolcanoGrave of the Over-Demons. They watched their stalwart comrades cut down one by one before their wizard Shifty Montayne invoked Sezrekan and the Elder whisked them away….

Meanwhile in LochNwar, Memnoch has survived the Sea Queen and hung the THree Lions with various acquired trophies. Memnoch, Knut and Zobol are invited to the wedding of Tyrsen the Half-Titan, lord of Loch Nwar, and Szymandia the Dark Elf noble. They attend the wedding, which is interrupted by the strange appearance of Zardoz and Mandadi amidst the onlookers, sweaty, battered but still alive! They have been whisked by the magic of Sezrekan to a ‘safe haven’ (heh) in Loch Nwar.

The crowd is quite impressed by this display and assumes Memnoch has pulled off a stunning entertainment in honor of Tyrsen. Grex the Administrative Officiator is supervising the sacrifice of tributes both to Tyrsen and to the Lake Gods.— Memnoch, Knut and Zobol make their tributes, as do Zardoz and Mandadi, but not before Memnoch succeeds in putting a powerful charm on Grex.

Bizo sees a man wearing a full-on Yeti fur coat.. it is the young Ykorl and his friends that Wax met at the Three Lions.. Bizo remembers the man’s face for a future comeuppance.

Tyrsen summons the adventurers and then tells them of a critical problem: Szymandia has retreated into the Flickering Star— the gem which entitled him to her hand. Now he requires their services— using the Space Mummies of Limbo’s voidship, he needs them to enter the gem and return her— alive and intact or… just her head. The party agrees to undertake though more inclined to plot with Szymandia for Tyrsen’s overthrow.

They enter the crystal and fight many crystal servitors who are defending a big crystal fortress. Finally they make their way across a gong-destroyed crystal bridge (with the help of a timely RopeWork spell) and are trapped by the Crystal Witch of the gem, who transforms into a dragon. Above her, a blue gnome in a magical chandelier “hits the lights” exposing his hooded lantern which refracts light down onto the dragon and creates a “Prismatic Breath Weapon” — a pitched battle ensues between the party in which they finally shatter the dragon and charm the blue gnome. (Memnoch takes his “Brain Hat of the Ancients” though, which confers +4 to Will saves.) The charmed blue gnome is now Memnoch’s servitor…

Conferring with Szymandia, the PCs agree that they would like to overthrow Tyrsen. Szymandia asks if they will aid her and they say yes. She asks if they will agree to be geased and they agree. She casts her spell* and she will now require them to “acquire and execute the Seven Songs which will overthrow Tyrsen as Lord of Loch Nwar forever.” SInce they agree to this, she fulfills her part of the agreement and returns to be married to Tyrsen.
The wedding is completed.

Other developments:

Narva has her baby, though she has no husband/boyfriend and insists she is “Not that kind of girl.” The baby has six-fingers, is Elfish in appearance and named “Damien.”

Narva reminds them that she found an old parchment in the walls of the Three Lions she wants to give them.

Szymandia has given 2 suits of crystal chain male to the PCs, (which can be fashioned into one suit for Bizo). It has the properties of leather for movement, fumble die, sklll checks, but the AC of chain. (it also looks glittery and cool!)

Memnoch’s old nautical privateering friend Ginsburg is instructed to get Memnoch’s platnum disc off the lake floor but is killed by Dwarven divers who were retrieving the treasures for Tyrsen.

XP: 13


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